Mixed media monday “Dance”

Dit is mijn bijdrage voor MMM deze week.

This is my entry for this week’s MMM

18 Reacties

  1. beautiful! I love the amazing background…it makes the image POP!!!

  2. Wow this is wonderful.
    Great design. Love this.

  3. Beautiful colors and the dancer is just superb!

  4. This is beautiful and so elegant, I love it Nellie.

  5. Hij is weer prachtig Nellie. Mooie kleuren.

  6. What a gorgeous background for a very lovely dancer. It captures the essence of dance to me!

  7. i love classic ballet!!! gorgeous piece of art!!!

  8. was für wunderschöne farben. rot und orange kräftig und ganz zart einen hauch rosa. wunderschön

  9. Beautiful, Nellie! Diane

  10. Love your background and your beautiful ballerina. What a georgeous peice

  11. Prachtig, Nellie!

  12. Hi Nellie!
    Another gorgeous piece – beautiful colours and image! Have a look at my blog – there’s something for you! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Love Alison xx

  13. This is very classy and elegant – so many layers to look at.

  14. Beautiful colors and images!

  15. Your background and ballerina is just fabulous nellie.

  16. ooh lovely Nellie. amazing background and colours and what a beautiful image you found.

  17. Nellie…this is so pretty 🙂

  18. Beautiful!

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