Less is more “Shades of blue”

Hier mijn bijdrage voor Less is more. Deze week is het thema “Shades of blue”. Ik heb de vlinderboom (Chocolate baroque) met watervaste inkt gestempeld op een lichtblauwe achtergrond. Daarna heb ik de vlinders ingekleurd met Tombow stiften. Tenslotte nog een vlinder op vellum geëmbossed, uitgeknipt en met 3D-tape op mijn kaart geplakt.

Heres is my entry for Less is more. This week’s theme is “Shades of blue”. I stamped the butterfly tree (Chocolate baroque) with permanent ink on a light blue background. I coloured the butterflies with Tombow dual markers. Then I embossed a butterfly on vellum, cut it out and put it on the card with 3D-tape.


45 Reacties

  1. Hola Nellie, FANTASTIC CARD!!!! Nellie, your sentiment is absolutely beautiful, clever idea for your card, the tree of butterflies, beautiful, great job.
    A hug from Palma

  2. Hi

    I saw your card over at Less Is More and thought I would come take a closer look.

    This is very pretty, the single white butterfly is very effective.

    Michelle :o)

  3. Prachtige kaart Nellie! Mooie kleuren, de vlinderboom is zowieso al geweldig, maar met de witte vlinder erbij helemaal super!
    Groetjes van Yvon

  4. Beautiful.

  5. HI

  6. A really beautiful card

  7. Really super card.
    Lynne xxx

  8. It’s a lovely card, the stamp is gorgeous (might have to look for one of those). I love how you’ve put a white butterfly amongst all the blue.
    Jo x

  9. I adore this butterfly tree and the way you’ve coloured the butterflies is super! Great card!

  10. What a lovely card and a great sentiment which your butterfly tree goes with so well!

  11. Very beautiful card:) Breathtaking! http://visionsofpaper.blogspot.com/

  12. Lovely butterfly tree, the single one in white looks lovely!

  13. How beautiful! I love the different shades of the butterflies.

  14. Your tree looks so graceful and pretty.

  15. Alweer een beauty Nellie!!

  16. Beautiful card xx

  17. Fantastic card!

  18. Prachtige creatie, Nellie!

  19. such a pretty card!

  20. How beautiful is this tree???? Awesome work.

    Malyn at ThinkInkCreative

  21. Super kaartje!

  22. Schitterend Nellie!

  23. beautiful card! gorgeous tree with butterfly.

  24. A beautiful card, that tree is fabulous. xx

  25. Thank you for visiting me and for your kind comments.
    Loving your card, such a great image and shades of blue, the white butterfly is just perfect. x

  26. Oh! my gosh this is so beautiful, what a great idea to add the vellum, it’s gorgeous

  27. A wonderful card and a great idea. Hazel x

  28. It’s beautiful!I love the butterfly.

  29. Beautiful card!!

  30. Beautiful tree full of butterflies.

  31. Prachtige kaart weer Nellie, ik ken die stempel helemaal niet!!

  32. Your butterfly tree is gorgeous and very clever, love the addition of the white butterfly.


  33. What a beautiful blue card! Love the stamp and the extra butterfly too

  34. very pretty, love the stamp x

  35. Love the butterfly tree, what a beautiful card especially by stamping one white 🙂
    Jenny x

  36. What a beautiful card!

  37. Amazing! Thank you for sharing–I love butterflies and this is an inspiration!

  38. Hi there, Such a beautiful card, love the velum butterfly, it’s a a good foil for the others, Gay xxx

  39. Love the butterfly tree – the white vellum butterfly really makes the whole image “pop”. Sylvia x

  40. A beautiful tree with all those butterflies – wonderful card,

  41. Wow! Stunning card and i love the embossed butterfly.
    Caroline xxx

  42. Hi Nellie

    Gorgeous card love the butterfly tree!

    Tina (no 191)

  43. Love it. this is a beautiful card. Thanks for sharing and have a great day. Angela

  44. Really beautiful! Out of all of the posts at “less is more”, this is my favorite.

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