Less is more “acetate”

Dit is mijn bijdrage voor Less is more deze week. Het thema is “Acetate”. Ik heb deze tag gemaakt van een stukje verpakkingsmateriaal dat ik door de big shot heb gehaald. Het lukt me niet om hem beter in beeld te brengen dan zo. In het echt is de achtergrond met embossingpatroon heel mooi, maar op de scan zie je hem bijna niet. Fotograferen lukt helaas ook niet.

Here is my entry for Less is more. This week’s theme is “Acetate”. I made this tag out of a piece of packingmaterial that I ran through the big shot. I can’t get it any better exposed than this scan. In real the background with the embossing is very beautiful, but on the scan you can hardly see it. I tried to photograph it but that didn’t work out well either.


21 Reacties

  1. wat groots om iets te maken van iets kleins tot iets groots, Nellie

  2. Beautiful , I love the image on the front as well, love it all :0) xxx

  3. Wat een gave tag! Erg leuk gedaan!

  4. Very striking piece of art. Love the embossed acetate.
    jenny x

  5. Simply BRILLIANT.
    Sandra x

  6. Fab tag and amazing image this is beautiful nd just my cup of tea !


  7. Beautiful tag…love the color combination,,,I just made a whole series of book covers with these same colors.

  8. I bet this is gorgeous in real life. it’s pretty gorgeous anyway!!

  9. Gorgeous!

  10. Super tag Nellie!
    Pretty everything!
    Thanks for joining our challenge this week!
    “Less is More”

  11. Fantastic tag, so effective
    love the fairy image
    thank you
    less is More

  12. Fabulous tag!!

  13. Acetate is the hardest thing to take a picture off but the embossing shows better than you may be think. Brilliant tag, love it. XOXO Zoe

  14. Very clever – and very beautiful!

  15. Fantastic tag, love the image xxx

  16. This is such a pretty tag, love the image.

  17. Brilliant!!!
    Lynne xxx

  18. great idea

  19. This is beautiful, gorgeous colour scheme and image. x

  20. Beautiful tag. Love the little image too. x

  21. OOooh! Beautiful!

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