Take a word “Men”

Deze eenvoudige kaart heb ik gemaakt voor Take a word. De mannenstempel is van Art Journey en de tekst van Rivercity rubberworks.

I made this simple card for Take a word. The men stamp is from Art Journey, the quote from Rivercity rubberworks.

19 Reacties

  1. Love love love this card … the masked square, the image, the sentiment … perfection.

  2. Love it! So funny! And cool card.

  3. I DO love the quote, Nellie, fantastic image – awesome card!

  4. Prachtige kaart!

  5. I really laughed at the words. So true!!
    Fantastic card.xx

  6. hahaha, thanks for a laugh in the morning!!
    great idea with the blue rectangle!

  7. prachtige kaart nellie!

  8. So funny! I love the simplicity of your piece, Nellie – it works so well.

  9. I can’t type because I am laughing so much. That is the funniest quote I have ever read – and it is TRUE!! Nellie, I am delighted to see your great artwork at “Take a Word”. Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge this week.
    Cheers from Marie.

  10. Prachtige kaart met een geweldige tekst, Nellie!

  11. Mooie kaart Nellie.

  12. Absolutely brilliant!

  13. Fantastic card, love those men and have used the same image 😉

  14. Now that I’ve picked myself up after falling off my chair in laughter, I can say this is a very original and creative piece, Nellie. Thank you so much for sharing your humor and your talent.

  15. Fantastic art and words- I’m smiling big!

  16. Prachtig Nellie! Heel sterk door zijn eenvoud.

  17. So much truth to that saying! Love what you did!

  18. This is fantastic, a lovely card in it’s own right, but with that quote… I had to read it twice – brilliant ! x

  19. So funny!!! I just love it!!!

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