Three muses “Things with wings”

Hier is mijn bijdrage voor de Three muses uitdaging “things with wings”

Here is my entry for the Three muses challenge “things with wings”

11 Reacties

  1. WOWWWWWWWW Nellie, wat een beauty!!!!

  2. Oh wow, this was well worth waiting for, it is simply wonderful, especially all your spotted birds. Bravo.

  3. Wonderful perspective in this piece! Such a feeling of freedom and soaring. Thanks so much for joining in our challenge this week. Well done!

  4. PRACHTIGE kaart Nellie! Mooie kleuren, mooie compositie!
    Groetjes van Yvon

  5. what a fabulous shape! beautiful card as always!

  6. Prachtig Nellie en ook een hele mooie vorm

  7. such a beautiful piece !

    xxx Susi

  8. Wow Nellie I love all the different patterned birds in this…it is a lovely piece of artwork.

  9. Absolutely stunning Nellie, so beautiful.

  10. Nellie, your artwork here is exquisite, so beautifully and elegantly designed. I love it – a lot!!

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