Sunday postcard art “Sea voyages”

Ook ik heb een “Titanic” postcard gemaakt voor het thema van SPA deze week. De foto op de achtergrond heb ik licht ingekleurd met distressinkt.

I chose “Titantic” too for this weeks’ SPA theme. I slightly coloured the photo in the background with distressink.

19 Reacties

  1. This is incredible, Nellie !
    I love everything about it.

  2. One sea voyage you wouldn’t have wanted to be on. A sobering reminder of the dangers of sea travel. Wonderful.

  3. Woooooooooooooow I love it.
    Nellie what a stunning collage. Wonderful work.

  4. prachtig Nellie! deze is geweldig geworden.

  5. Fantastic collage reminding us of a dramatic moment in history. Great details and a beautiful postcard!!


  6. Oh wow, now this one is superb, and a brilliant take on the theme.

  7. Such a poignant card, Nellie, love your collage!

  8. O wauw, dit is een mooie collage. SUPERkaart Nellie.

  9. Wow, super mooi!

  10. A super postcard. Wonderful take on the theme; love the style of the collage and colours.

  11. Heel aparte kaart, erg leuk!

  12. Great Titanic collage.

  13. Fabulous postcard. Wonderful movie!

  14. Wat een mooie collage, Nellie!

  15. A poignant collage, Nellie.

  16. A sea voyage we will never forget. Great collage – cheers!

  17. Fabulous! Great art!

  18. great titanic card! don’t you just love that film?

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