Gothic arches “Home sweet home”

Het is echt een eeuwigheid geleden dat ik aan Gothic arches heb meegedaan, maar deze week is het er dan eindelijk weer eens van gekomen. Voor deze kaart heb ik de geweldige nieuwe stempelsheet van Joan gebruikt. Ingekleurd met aquarelverf en gestempeld met distressinkt.

It’s been ages since I joined in at Gothic arches, but today I finally made an arch again. For this card I used the marvelous new stamp sheet from Joan. I coloured the stamps wit watercolour paint and stamped with distressink.


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  1. Schitterend Nellie!

  2. Stunning! A great way to use those lovely stamps of Hermine’s, too 😀

  3. Your concept and design is perfection! Totally fabulous in every way! – Kris

  4. Excellent arch……..great balance and love your house stamp!

  5. Wonderful Nellie, so lovely.


  6. Super and very arty arch !

  7. Love the quote oh my,,,,gorgeus

  8. oh gosh .. I could find my heart there :)) just marvelous!

    • Shannon,Yes, wheat has a much higher native phytase level. You can grind a bit in a coffee grinder (though I’d get one just for that purpose and not deal with the coffee flavor) and add it to the oatmeal.Soaking the oats longer would probably help a bit but without the enzymes, you’re spinning your wheels.Amanda

  9. Home is definately where the heart is. Fabulous stamping and I love the house.

  10. just love the color palette you chose and the keyholes in the hearts is such an adorable touch

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