Theme thursday “Vintage”

Voor Theme thursday weer een pagina uit het “Schooldays” boekje dat ik voor Anne gemaakt heb.

For Theme thursday a page from the “Schooldays” booklet that I made for Anne.


19 Reacties

  1. Great vintage photo use in this charming collage!

  2. Gosh this is stunning.
    Great card Nellie.

  3. WOW Nellie gorgeous !!!


  4. Schitterend! Handig om iets achter de hand te hebben, hihi…

  5. Nellie, your collage is superb in every way. What a great idea to showcase vintage photos. I especially love the “dapper snapper”!!
    Fantastic artwork.

  6. This looks great 🙂 Love those sepia tones 🙂

  7. Totally vintage, I love this!

  8. This is really beautiful! I am sure Anne loved this!

  9. Oh, I love that term “The Dapper Snapper”! This is a great vintage collage. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Très joli collage ! j’aime les photos anciennes !Souvenirs …souvenirs !
    Amicalement Mary.KG

  11. gorgeous! love the colors tones used!

  12. Really great.

  13. The Dapper Snapper is fab! I love this collage. You did a great job with it.

  14. Nellie, it’s delightful!

  15. How wonderful! A delightful piece – cheers!

  16. Prachtig Nellie!

  17. A wonderful page, great photos.

  18. Wow, this is wonderful.


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