Gothic arches “little boys”


Hier is mijn bijdrage voor Gothic arches. Dit prachtige plaatje is van Paperwhimsy. Voor de achtergrond heb ik distressinkt gebruikt.

Here is my entry for Gothic arches. This gorgeous image is from Paperwhimsy. I used distressink for the background.


13 Reacties

  1. Beautiful arch!

  2. Schitterend Nellie!

  3. What a sweet arch, Nellie. I wonder if you have boys with these names?

  4. What a wonderful arch, Nellie! Love the colors. But those little guys are the best! LynnF

  5. Beautiful, Nellie. Your background is gorgeous.

  6. Een schitterende arch Nellie!!

  7. Beautiful arch – I love the colors you’ve used here.

  8. This is adorable. I love the background colors, and the image is great, Nellie.

  9. A very beautiful arch, I love it.

  10. Schitterend Nellie!

  11. Gorgeous arch, Nellie! The vintage image is lovely. You have captured these Extreme Boys perfectly!

  12. Nellie
    I am so happy you could play this week! Love the image and gorgeous background! adorable arch! 🙂

  13. OK, who are these little guys & their dogs??? They are sooo cute. Wonderful art piece, your gothic arch is GREAT!

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