TGIF “A day at the beach”

sea sand1

Het is al weer even geleden dat ik mee heb gedaan aan TGIF maar het thema van deze week kon ik niet laten lopen. Het is een van mijn favoriete thema’s. De stempels zijn van Oxford Impressions en Time to stamp.

It’s been  a while since I participated at TGIF but I couldn’t skip this week’s theme. It’s one of my favourites. The stamps I used are from Oxford Impressions and Time to stamp


5 Reacties

  1. OMG this is absolutely beautiful.
    I love the images. Your work inspire me Nelie.

    Thanks Nellie for your day at the beach on TGiF.

  2. Wonderful artwork, Nellie.
    Love the background and the images.

  3. Really lovely card Nellie!!! That quote is one I must remember 🙂 I adore shells and get carried away at the beach….I miss it!

  4. Awesome piece of art!!! I love the background with the tickets & the images are wonderful. I have the Anne Morrow Lindberg book that this quote is from…great choices! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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