Sunday postcard art “postage people”

postage people1

Deze week bij Sunday postcard art weer een echte uitdaging. Maar wel heel erg leuk om te doen!

A real challenge at Sunday postcard art again this week. But I loved doing it.


21 Reacties

  1. wow!such a unique card ! fantastic !

  2. Cool card, Nellie! Love the words at the bottom commenting the men – great!

  3. Ja, hij is schitterend geworden!!

  4. This looks fantastic! A wonderful image that fits the stamp perfectly! I really love it all!

  5. Schitterend Nellie!

  6. Schitterend Nellie.

  7. This is delightful.
    Fantastic work. I love it.

  8. great black/white piece – and birlliant using the stamp motiv. 🙂

  9. A very creative and great postcard people postcard which also made me smile! I hope George Washington is happy with his new friends.

  10. Wonderful postcard.

  11. Een fantastische kaart, Nellie. En… de tekst is geweldig!

  12. fabulous postcard! I love the image you used!

  13. Great work, Nellie!

  14. Schitterend Nellie 🙂

  15. Prachtige kaart Nellie!

  16. Echt prachtig!

  17. This is fab, I love your quote, I’ve yet to meet 3 wise men!

  18. A beautiful postcard.

  19. What a beautiful card! ! I’m glad I stopped by.L.ove the quote about the 3 three wiseman.I love your sense of humor

  20. Wonderful card!!

  21. this works fabulously well!

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