Make a moo or two “Favourite theme”

Ik heb het thema “kinderen” gekozen als mijn favoriete make a moo or two thema van alle thema’s die er tot nu toe zijn geweest.

I chose the theme “children” as my favourite make a moo or two theme from all the themes posted.


14 Reacties

  1. Great images and wonderful golden twigs. Great Moos!

  2. Both are gorgeous Nellie, love the backgrounds 🙂

  3. Oh Nellie they are gorgeous.
    Love them.

  4. Ze zijn beide weer schitterend Nellie! Prachtige combinaties.

  5. Schitterend Nellie.

  6. These are great! Lovely backgrounds and images.

  7. Wonderful theme and wonderful MOOs.

  8. So pretty!

  9. These are great, Nellie! I really love the shade of blue with the text background.

  10. beautiful moos

  11. Wonderful wonderful Moos. Love them.

  12. Schitterend!

  13. These are wonderful, Nellie!

  14. I am in love with your moos. You manage to create such beautiful pieces in such a tiny space. Lovely vintage work.

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