Wednesdaystamper again..

Ik vind het thema van wednesday stamper deze week zo leuk dat ik nog een keer een setje heb gemaakt. Ik vind het formaat van 2 inchies in het vierkant echt heerlijk om mee te werken!

I love this weeks wednesday stamper theme so much that I had to make a second entry. I love the size of 2 square inches to work with!

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  1. Oh gosh …
    So beautiful!

  2. Schitterende twinchies.

  3. such beautiful collages on that small size!!

  4. Wow…you have managed to grace these small pieces with so many gorgeous details. Love the beautiful vintage feel of them!

  5. i love this size too !! your’s are gorgeous !

  6. Ik vind ze super geworden!!!

  7. Oh wow Nellie, stunning, love these twinchies, fancy a swap? lol

  8. Oh Nellie they are again such lovely.
    Fabulous Twinchies. Love it.

  9. Those are fabulous!

  10. love all your recent work on inchies, twinchies, moos and the twinchie collage very inspirational..thanks for the great comments on my blog

  11. These are wonderful twinchies! I love the images you’ve used and how you’ve layered the text. They are a great size to work with. I had fun making mine too!

  12. wow, wonderful vintage twinchies! i agree, the size is fun to work with.

  13. These are wonderful! I found that to be a great size, too.
    wonder when we’ll see the Twinchie challenge blog!

  14. Just delightful.

  15. beautiful Nellie!

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