Make a moo “Brown-beige-crème”


Hier is mijn bijdrage voor make a moo or two. Het thema is deze week bruin-beige-crème.

This is my entry for make a moo or two this week. Theme is brown-beige-crème.

26 Reacties

  1. schitterende moo’s !!!

  2. Wow Nellie they are such wonderful.
    Amazing moo´s.

  3. Wonderful moo’s and thank you for this funny theme !

  4. Geweldig!

  5. Schitterend, vooral het rechtse plaatje is geweldig.

  6. Fabulous Moo’s 🙂

  7. Ze zijn alle 2 weer schitterend Nellie!

  8. These are just outstanding…so much detail! Thanks for the inspiration again this week!

  9. they are both really wonderful – so much details!

  10. Gorgeous as always xx

  11. Nice moos.

  12. Love them both, really inspiring!

  13. Just wonderful!

  14. These are just wonderful…amazing amount of detail!

  15. I love these two moos. You’ve created very balanced and interesting compositions.

  16. wunderschöne moo´s Nellie!!

  17. wonderful !!!

  18. beautiful moos Nellie, both are really lovely. 🙂

  19. gorgeous x

  20. Prachtig Nellie!

  21. What lovely Moos. Great subjects.

  22. These are fantastic!

  23. Your Moos are wonderful, such Lovely details and images! Always a treat to see your artwork!

  24. Prachtige moo’s! De kleuren zijn ook zo bijzonder mooi in pastels.

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