Small world of inchies “Boys”

Dit is mijn bijdrage voor small world of inchies deze week. Begin de smaak van inchies echt te pakken te krijgen, met dank aan Nans!

This is my entry for small world of inchies this week. I get to like making inchies. Owe that to Nans!


15 Reacties

  1. Wow Nellie so many Inchies.
    Brilliant design and lovely. Great work.

  2. These are fabulous, Nellie. Especially love the little guy with the wheelbarrow and the tiny license plate.

  3. Prachtige inchies!

  4. oh, they are so sweet!

  5. wow! I am amazed at all the little details you are able to work in to a square in of art. You have a wonderful eye for layout and design.

  6. Wow! Nellie je heb de smaak goed te pakken!!! je maakt prachtige inchies! Deze zijn ook weer super!!!!

  7. great pieces, really like those muted colours

  8. beautiful inchies and so much to see on there! brilliant! 🙂

  9. these are great i love them!

  10. oh nellie these inchies are just fab:)

  11. Those are wonderful inchies!

  12. WOW, you made so many wonderful inchies, each one more special than the last!!!! Love them all!

  13. These are outstanding inchies. I love each & every one of them. Brilliant !!

  14. GE-WEL-DIG!!!!

  15. excelent!! love the breaking out over the edges! really different .. great work

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